BIGTREETECH® 1Pcs Silent Step Stick Protector Stepper Motor Driver Plug-type Silent Stepper For 3D Printer Parts TMC2130

218 ₽
  • Категория: 3d
  • Производитель: BIGTREETECH


Описание и характеристики

Introductions:●Silent step protection is an additional module step and Pololu A4988 compatible step motor driver. The board provides the motor output with a flyback diode (free rotating diode), which enables it to withstand induction voltage even when the driver is not powered.● The v2 protector also includes a diode from the logic voltage (anode) to the motor voltage (cathode) to ensure the power sequencing of all silent steppers..● This type of eliminator is mainly used for vibration of a 3D printer having a parallel arm structure. Especially motors with lower resistance are more effective. It can effectively eliminate uneven signal waves at low speeds and obtain relatively flat signals.Note:The effect varies depending on the machine and the condition of the motor.Package Included:1 xSilent Step Stick Protector Stepper Motor Drives

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